Order 66 - Battalion of Gentlemen

No Exit Records is happy to announce the long anticipated release of the full length album from Order 66 entitled, Battalion of Gentlemen!  Special thanks to Bob Carlson for his mastering skills. The album is up online for your listening pleasure!  Their record release show will be tonight at the Lancaster Moose Lodge during the third annual March of Rock show - with performance from Order 66, Undermine, Elephant Snack and All Hail the Crimson King.  Hope to see everyone there!

The AV Press did a write up on the band and album this week as well:

Devil McCoy Demo

Devil McCoy's first demo was released today and recorded here at No Exit - enjoy!

Thoughtcrime LP - A Pleasure to Burn

Since we like the format of EP's it is less often we record full length albums, but Thoughtcrime was worth spending a little extra time.  Here is a link to their newly finished LP from No Exit:

Vatican Assassins dropped by No Exit Records!

We got to record an EP for Vatican Assassins in late November and now they have it up for you all to listen to!

Thoughtcrime - A new AV punk band!

We had the pleasure of getting an EP done with Thoughtcrime before their first show in December!
Check it out here:

Lots of new recordings from No Exit studio of local Antelope Valley artists, check some of them out!


So Long Sucker

Scarlet Harlot and Her Handsome Devils

The Nightmares

Contranym Stickers and Buttons

Contranym's buttons & stickers are in and they'd like to share them with you! If you would like a Contranym sticker and 1" button, just send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope in the next couple months to: Contranym c/o No Exit Records PO Box 181 Lancaster CA 93584
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