Janell Crampton EP

Janell Crampton has put together the EP she recorded over here last year and released it on bandcamp.  It's a great set of songs featuring some very talented local musicians.  Go check it out!


Although we have shut down the studio, bands are still releasing work done here. Dross. has released a free digital version of their EP, Sad and Drunk, as a Valentine's Day gift to the world. Go check it out!

No Exit Records Closing

This January marked the 20th anniversary of No Exit Records.
We have been honored to work with so many great local artists in the Antelope Valley through the years. Thank you for letting us be involved with your art since 1997!
We are proud of the way the music scene has grown and the work we have done in it, but all things (even the great ones) come to and end. We are closing up shop. We have plans to release one more compilation of some of the awesome songs we have recorded over the years, and might even put together a final show/event featuring some of the artists we've worked with in the AV.
Thank you for all the music, art, and love! 
Keep the AV music scene growing!

Vultures of Vinyl

Vultures of Vinyl just released the first track from the new EP they recorded here last month.
You can check it out here:

Lots of recording going on!

It has been a while since we posted about everything going on at No Exit, but that's because we have been super busy making music!

Most recently Broken Cuffs has released their new EP, These Boots, they recorded here:

We also got done with 51-50's Nonsense EP:

Stay tuned for the official release of the recent recordings of Dross and Vultures of Vinyl.

We just got finished with a new album from Detained!
Check out the album here:
and add them on facebook here:

Order 66 - Battalion of Gentlemen

No Exit Records is happy to announce the long anticipated release of the full length album from Order 66 entitled, Battalion of Gentlemen!  Special thanks to Bob Carlson for his mastering skills. The album is up online for your listening pleasure!  Their record release show will be tonight at the Lancaster Moose Lodge during the third annual March of Rock show - with performance from Order 66, Undermine, Elephant Snack and All Hail the Crimson King.  Hope to see everyone there!

The AV Press did a write up on the band and album this week as well:

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